Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Japan impresses me so far. Warm toilet seats, super friendly folks, great food and interesting details everywhere!When I left Tokyo on the domestic flight to Osaka I noticed when the plain started taxiing to the runway that the 3 traffic guys on the tarmac were waving the plain goodbye. This was really a strange view for me... Nevertheless, it brought me a smile and I waved back.
I'm aware of the contrast Japan is giving me now with the image I have of Japanese whaling and the dolphin slaughter I'll be witnessing in a few days myself.

Tomorrow I'm taking the train to Ki-Katsurra. At least i hope so, if it goes that far. Apparently a lot of railroads are closed due to damages on bridges caused by a typhoon 2 months ago.
Anyhow, my destination is Taiji and my mind is set on getting there soon.
I don't have that much of a clue of what i'm expecting to see there. It doesn't frighten me, my motivation is endless now... now let's transform that into something useful for these animals.

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