Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dolphins suffer in captivity

The 3rd day in a row that the banger boats came back without dolphins... The amount they bring in is going down and we can only applaud this.

We went to have a daily look at our friends at the Dolphin Base, where over 20 dolphins are kept in very small pens. You can see they are borred, they have no space, they don't belong there.

I wanted to post something about this issue here, but i can't bring it better together than how it is done on this site:

If you care about dolphins, if you care about animals, read it and try to inform people from now on not to visit any more dolphinaria. As a kid I was amazed to see a bottle nose dolphin doing tricks at the Antwerp zoo, but i didn't know any better... We should not make the same mistake with the upcomming generation. We should decline dolphinaria and encourage whale and dolphin watching all over the world, so that children can go look at them in the free world instead of getting to know them in a swimming pool.

Some pictures from today:

Playfull creatures
The pilot whale was faced to a corner, floating in this position for a long time. I don't believe this whale feels really good in his prison cell

 If the have a toy, they 'll play with it

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