Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Risso's again...

This morning they drove in another pod of Risso's dolphins. About 15 dolphins were pushed towards the cove. But what happened today, no cove guardian had witnessed before.
Normally the drive from the harbor to the cove takes about 30 to 45 minutes, this time it took the killers up to 4 hours to drive them in! Several dolphins managed to escape 4 times. They went deep and long, the killers lost track, they swam past the nets, under the nets, even one time 2 of them struggled themselves over the nets.
Me and Thomas were standing guard at the cove to keep an eye from a different angle and saw the boats goin' back and forward without any sign of dolphins... Rosie kept us updated from uphill, she had a view from above.
She said: "2 dolphins and a young one are on the other side of the nets... but they won't leave, they can go but they will not leave without there family members"
They really put up a big fight today. Still, in the end about 7 or 8 dolphins couldn't escape and got killed.
We noticed at least 2 very young ones were part of the group, we have no prove of them getting killed either or if they were taken for captivity. The dolphin trainers came in before the killing, which normally means they come to pick out "the best ones", but they left in a skiff with nets... not with a young dolphin.
I'm hoping for really bad weather tomorrow... and the next days...

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