Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dear people of Japan

As I noticed over 50 page-views coming from Japan over the last 2 days only, I believe some of you folks are interested in what I have to say about Taiji. Why else would you read it?

Let me make it clear from the start that I'm not a member of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS), I'm here to support them. I came here and joined Rosie and her followers because I believe in their methods to try to stop the dolphin slaughter.
This is the only thing we want: To bring an end to the horrible, vicious, cruel, pointless and non-ethical killing of these beautiful creatures in Taiji and other places in Japan or in the rest of the world.
I have nothing against the people of Japan, on the contrary, I was mostly surprised how polite and friendly you all are. I believe this is a beautiful country with lots of opportunities and interesting (eco)tourism.
I do have a problem with the 26 dolphin killers here in Taiji and everybody that supports them. Also the ignorant, money brain fools that keep on ordering trained dolphins around the world are no longer people I see as fellow humans.
The next part of this letter is directed to those people.

Dear people of Taiji and all related to the slaughter,

Yes I realize that Japan has a culture of whale hunting and consuming their meat, it's tradition right? Think about it: How about the culture of slavery 200 years ago? Or the Catholic Church’s inquisition?
What about the tradition of the cat burning in Paris in the 16th century? A popular form of entertainment in which a cat was hoisted in a sling on a stage and slowly lowered into a fire. According to historian Norman Davies: "The spectators, including kings and queens, shrieked with laughter and joy as the animals, howling with pain, were singed, roasted, and finally carbonized."
I believe you Japanese have a special bond with cats, as I see them in gift shops all around. Would you agree if this still happens somewhere in the world? Would you look at the you-tube movie, watching a live cat being burned and say: “Oh, it’s their tradition, so it’s ok”?
Tell me honestly please…

Times change, we humans get smarter, we learn, we can make life better, we EVOLVE and so traditions should evolve too!

Next I suppose you come whining with the fact that we take away your income, your recourses? Do you really think you need the meat of dolphins to survive? Ever heard of mercury-poisoning?  Do you really think you can not make money out of living, wild animals? Do we have to capture them, put them in a life time prison for entertainment? No we don’t! It’s not necessary my dear people, it’s not useful and it’s definitely not wanted by millions of people around the world. You make yourself look like fools; you create a negative image over this whole country.
And it shouldn’t be! Because Japan is extremely beautiful and has along the friendliest, hard working people I met around the globe. You deserve a better reputation, so is my opinion.

It’s sad to witness your media culture, how it bends your free mind in a tunnel where you can just look forward to what’s coming to you: manipulated news. (please view “Japanese media at present”:
We are not terrorists. Sea Shepherds are no terrorists. We love life in any form. Putting us activists under the same name as Al-Qaida is just pathetic and ignorant to do so.

I saw my name with a link to this blog on, i know that some of you already started to hate me before having even spoken a word with me. How can you even judge me for the one and only fact that I stand up for the life of dolphins???? Is it not allowed for me to love them?

I invite you to come and meet me, I’m in Taiji every day.

Best Regards,

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