Friday, November 25, 2011

Sometimes they just don't find dolphins

I was on Takababe hill, right next to the cove, watching the horizon; keeping an eye on the banger boats when a Japanese man came to take some pictures from the morning view. I must say it's really an astonishing view there...
I introduced myself and we got in a small conversation. He was single and coming from a town somewhere north of Tokyo. I told him I was spotting dolphins and he seemed pretty interested to spot them them with me. I told him that many times around 10am a pod passes right next to the cliff, chased by some boats that bang on metal sticks.
His eyebrows raised... So I continued and explained that these banger boats drive the pod in the cove and slaughter the dolphins. The man made a friendly bow and told me good bye.

It became one of the good days. It's actually a real pleasant feeling to see the boats come back one by one.
Sometimes they just don't find dolphins...

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