Saturday, November 19, 2011


I have to mention this:
I post a letter to the people of Japan and for some reason unknown they are now top leading in my view list!

This is necessary, most of the Japanese people don't know what is going on. If we could only reach the Japanese newspapers and throw it in the open... Let them know it is not necessary to continue this horrible act against the dolphins...
If we can get Japanese government to stop handing out licences for killing dolphins than we win this fight. But there is a long way to go and we need everybody's support, WORLDWIDE!
Therefor I ask once more: please forward all what you have on this, put it on Facebook, twitter it, email to all your address book,  whatever, just send it out there!
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By the end of next week it would be great to see the whole map turned green on my screen!!!!
Number of page views today November 19, 16:55 (GMT +9)
Don't do this for me, do it for all those dolphins that just want to live and travel the oceans...
Cause why would we take such great thing away from them? Look at it!
Striped dolphins


  1. Thank you Christoph for keeping us informed about the horror that happens in Taiji, I follow your reports every day, hoping that one day I can read: killing stopped... But guess we will have to be patient. But how long...will it ever stop, will they ever learn, will they ever be that intelligent that they will stop these barbaric killings. I really hope they do, because if they don't, all is lost. Best regards, Sandra. (fellow citizen of Belgium, Brecht)

  2. Sandra, thanks for standing on our side. Indeed we will need patience. They will never stop on their own, it will have to be played political. Anyhow, as long as we (the world) show that we're against it the pressure on them stays. They can't do it in the open anymore, they have to hide... so we've already pushed them in a tiny corner


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