Thursday, November 17, 2011

Like a convoy, like a parade, like it was something royal!

The 12 hunting boats sailed out Taiji harbor again this morning. The weather conditions are: Sunny, 21°C, wind 10km/h, visibility 19km, the sea is a babbling brook...  most would say: great weather mate! Well, not in Taiji. This means perfect conditions for the killers to track the herds, follow/chase them & drive them in the cove...

For a couple of hours we watched the boats going north and south, accelerating, turning around, grouping, spreading out... they were definitely chasing the poor mammals. It took them about 4 and hours to return back inland.  As they approached the harbor it became clear they weren't in formation, but just scattered apart. Big smile on our faces, Rosie's hands in the air: no catch today!

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