Friday, November 11, 2011

Operation infinite patience will get a new member soon

Flights are booked, hotels are booked. It's just a matter of days now before i set off for Japan.

So far my experience with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society doesn't reach any further than donating or buying some merchandising. Just like the most of you guys I'm only reading about their projects, looking at Youtube and hoping things will change.
Speaking of Youtube, this is the footage that persuaded me to really get into it...

Sure I know whales got killed, sure i knew it happens illegally and sure i knew it's not just 3 or 4, or 150...
Out of sight out of mind plays to big of a part in men's brains. Do you ever think about the many young girls and women getting raped in Congo? Do you ever let your sleep for the numbers of children dying everyday on undernourishment? Not really i guess... I don't blame no one here, it's our daily western social habits that makes us wonder about less painful things.
Anyhow, the fact that you're reading this means your mind is set to make a change, to bring a stop to these horrible and useless practices. And SSCS can use a mind like that!

So what to do? Let's start with showing things, send out pictures, movies, spread the word...
I got started with this, hope you do the forwarding or better, come join us!


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  1. You go for it!
    Eindelijk een stapje verder richting die grote passie in je leven..
    Ga, ondervind, trek massas fotos en informeer de mensheid, laat ieder van ins een beetje meer bewust worden van al de gruwel ginder!

    We volgen je op en zullen steunen waar het kan!
    Lieve knuffel


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